Updated for iOS10 and Android Marshmallow with a new "Call later" feature
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The first app created to help your kids behave during the holidays.   The app was inspired by a father of four whose patience couldn't make it through a trip to the grocery store.   In an effort to prevent any parent from experiencing this pain this holiday season, the Fake Call From Santa app has arrived to save the day. 

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 How to use the app
If your kids need help behaving then load the app and show them who is calling.  One look at who is calling to checking up on them will usually help them behave.  If that doesn't work then answer the call from Santa (note that Santa does not actually talk) and have a fake, one-sided conversation with Santa explaining their bad behavior.  This will always fix the problem.

Here is an actual conversation used on the designer's children:

Parent: "Stop fighting, Santa is watching."
Kids: "No he's not."
Parent: (Loads the apps and shows the kids Santa is calling.) "Oh look who's calling to check on you guys."
Kids: (Surprised but a suspicious look in the eye, calling my bluff.)
Parent: (Answers Santa's call.) "Oh hi Santa.  Yes they are being bad.  You're not going to bring them presents this year if they keep fighting? Ok, I'll tell them."

Please note:
  • Unfortunately, the iOS app now costs $.99 to cover the cost Apple charges to keep the app in the AppStore.  The Android version is still free.
  • Santa does not actually talk so do not let your kids try and talk to Santa.  Just say, "Santa only talks to mommies and daddies."